GenomeWeb: Pacific Edge Bladder Cancer Recurrence Test Outperforms Others in Head-to-Head Comparison
05th May 2017

Pacific Edge and Cxbladder profiled in GenomeWeb feature story Read More

Significant Increase in Clinical Utility from Use of Cxbladder
15th March 2017

An international study demonstrates compelling changes in urologists’ clinical decisions, with use of Cxbladder Triage and Cxbladder Detect leading to fewer total tests and less invasive procedures, implying a reduction in healthcare costs and an improved experience and outcome for patients. Read More

Cxbladder Monitor Significantly Outperforms FDA Approved Urine Tests for Bladder Cancer
06th March 2017

The prestigious international journal Urological Oncology, has accepted for publication a scientific and clinical paper validating the superior performance of Pacific Edge’s Cxbladder Monitor test for the surveillance of patients who are being managed following treatment for bladder cancer. Read More