Dear Customers and Friends of Cxbladder,

It is my distinct pleasure to be writing to you as the new Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Edge Ltd. taking over the leadership of the company from David Darling, who announced in April last year his intention to retire after 19 years. I join Pacific Edge Ltd at our headquarters in New Zealand after almost a decade in the USA focused on diagnostics and transplant testing. Our US customers will know our subsidiary Pacific Edge USA led by Jackie Walker, who continues to lead the commercial activities in our largest market.

It is a tremendously exciting time for the company, having secured more than US$70 million in funding. Building on a strong operational foundation, I wanted to take this opportunity to connect with our community of physicians and clinicians, thank you for your support, and share a few insights into the values that will drive my decision making and my vision for the future of Pacific Edge, as we strive to be your diagnostics partner of choice for your bladder cancer patients.

First and foremost, our guiding principle is to do what’s best for patients – a commitment recently demonstrated in the development of our patient in-home sampling system, and highlighted by a University of California San Francisco study1 to reduce the potential risks from COVID exposure and increases patient compliance in a urothelial cancer surveillance setting.

We are committed to your success, which as a partner means we’re not satisfied unless, and until, you tell us we have met (or exceeded) your expectations. We understand that adopting new technologies like Cxbladder can feel like a burden initially, but we believe the benefit to practice and patient makes it worthwhile. Cxbladder can aid in the evaluation of hematuria patients for the detection of bladder cancer, provide resolution for atypical cytology and equivocal cystoscopies, and reduce the frequency of surveillance cystoscopies, making for happier and more-compliant patients.

As a cancer diagnostics company we are guided by data and evidence in everything that we do. With Medicare coverage in place, we’ll be scaling up our activities for clinical evidence generation to build on the already extensive body of peer-reviewed research supporting our tests. In line with this, our clinical trials program will expand. We will enroll more sites and patients in existing trials and launch additional trials as we continue to generate the clinical evidence to establish Cxbladder as unrivaled in the care for patients suspected of or diagnosed with bladder cancer.

As we collectively endure and work towards an easing of the pandemic, we hope that 2022 will herald a further advance towards normalcy, and success for all of you. Please reach out to anyone on the Pacific Edge team, including me, if there is anything we can do to support your practice and your patients. We look forward to engaging with you in coming months.

The resumption of face-to-face meetings and conferences will also give us all an opportunity to showcase an important Pacific Edge value, our determination to celebrate success together.

Kind regards,

Pete Signature

Dr Peter Meintjes, PhD
CEO, Pacific Edge Limited

Use of Cxbladder Monitor During the COVID-19 Pandemic Reduces Frequency of Surveillance Cystoscopy

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2022 04:31 pm

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