Cxbladder Detect is a non-invasive, simple-to-use bladder cancer detection test that measures unique molecular signatures to identify the presence of bladder cancer in patients presenting with hematuria.


Cxbladder Detect is more reliable and objective than other urine-based detection tests, with a high sensitivity (82%) and Negative Predictive Value (97%). Cxbladder Detect outperforms comparable urine-based tests,1,2 making it an extremely effective adjunct to cystoscopy.

Better diagnosis

Cxbladder Detect optimizes both sensitivity (82%) and specificity (85%) to complement cystoscopy and other procedures in making your diagnosis, as validated by a multicenter clinical study.1


Cxbladder Detect uses state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics to quantify the presence of five mRNA biomarkers whose increased expression is correlated with the presence of bladder cancer.3

Clinical applications

  • Replace the need for other urine-based tests in primary workup
  • Complement cystoscopy for bladder cancer detection
  • Detect urothelial tumors not visible to cystoscopy
  • Replace the need for CT/IVP in primary workup in some instances
  • Improve patient compliance with accurate non-invasive testing 

Other benefits

  • Only a small sample of urine is needed and refrigeration is not required
  • Our qualified laboratory will return the test results within seven working days from receipt of sample
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