Cxbladder Monitor is a non-invasive urine-based laboratory test designed to help rule out the recurrence of bladder cancer. It offers a new approach and potential alternative to the current invasive surveillance protocol for many patients.


Cxbladder Monitor accurately helps to rule out recurrent urothelial carcinoma (UC), delivering a combined segregation score calculated from five genotypic biomarkers in the urine, and from clinical information about previous UC.1


Cxbladder Monitor delivers a reliable and accurate test result to you and your patient. With high negative predictive value (97.0%) and sensitivity (93.0%), Cxbladder Monitor helps you to confidently rule out patients with a low risk of recurrent disease, and identify those who are at higher risk of recurrence and who may need further clinical workup.

Clinical applications

  • Replace other urine-based tests used in surveillance for recurrent UC
  • Used throughout surveillance for recurrent UC as the preferred adjunct to cystoscopy
  • Used as a confirmatory negative adjunct to cystoscopy, reducing the need for additional investigational tests and procedures in the future
  • Continue surveillance for recurrent UC patients
  • Monitor patients who may not tolerate cystoscopy for medical or religious reasons
  • Improve patient compliance with accurate and non-invasive testing

Other benefits

  • Only a small sample of urine is needed and refrigeration is not required
  • Our qualified laboratory will return the test results within seven working days from receipt of sample
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