Cxbladder Triage is a laboratory test designed for the evaluation of hematuria, helping you rule out the presence of bladder cancer quickly, easily and painlessly. Cxbladder Triage is particularly suitable for low-risk patients such as those with microhematuria, younger patients and non-smokers or those who may not tolerate cystoscopy for medical or religious reasons.

Rule out cancer quickly with confidence

Cxbladder Triage is an accurate, non-invasive test with high NPV (98.5%) and high sensitivity (95.1%). This helps you to confidently and easily rule out bladder cancer at the start of the diagnostic pathway for patients presenting with hematuria.1

Cutting edge diagnostics

Combining known bladder cancer risk factors with state of the art molecular diagnostics, Cxbladder Triage uses genomic and clinical information to calculate a segregation index that can help rule out bladder cancer. This innovative approach to urological diagnostics is the first test of its kind in this market.

Clinical applications

  • Replaces other urine-based tests in primary workup
  • Triage low-risk patients such as those with microhematuria for whom a more extensive evaluation may not be required
  • Provide patients with the peace of mind that they have a low probability of bladder cancer
  • Identify patients who require a Standard Clinical Workup
  • Evaluate patients in 'at-risk' populations 

Other benefits

  • Only a small sample of urine is needed and refrigeration is not required
  • Our qualified laboratory will return you the test results within seven working days from receipt of sample

cxbladder overview triage

  • References

    1 Kavalieris et al: A segregation index combining phenotypic (clinical characteristics) and genotypic (gene expression) biomarkers from a urine sample to triage out patients presenting with hematuria who have a low probability of urothelial carcinoma. BMC Urology 2015; 15:23 Read article