There is a plethora of useful online information about bladder cancer. We’ve gathered the best resources and listed them here. If you’ve come across other resources that you think should feature on this page, do get in touch with us.

Patient resource websites

Healthinfo Canterbury: Blood in Urine
Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
Cleveland Clinic
Macmillan Cancer Support
Cancer Research UK
American Cancer Society
Mayo Clinic
National Cancer Institute

Questions you can ask your doctor about bladder cancer and bladder cancer tests

About bladder cancer

About bladder-cancer tests

How will I know if I have bladder cancer?

What tests can I use?

I used to smoke a lot, but I gave up years ago. Am I still at risk of bladder cancer?

How many times do I have to test?

With the work I do, am I likely to get bladder cancer?

Will the results rule out bladder cancer?

I get a lot of urine infections. Does this mean I'm at risk of bladder cancer?

How accurate and reliable are the tests?

There's a history of bladder cancer in my family. Am I likely to get it?

When you get the test results, will you know which treatment I need?

Can I be tested for bladder cancer?

Do I have to prepare for the tests?


Can I do the tests at home, or do I need to come to the clinic?


Can I bring someone with me when I have the tests?


How long does it take to get the test results?

Bladder cancer: A patient's story

Bladder cancer: A patient's story
Bladder cancer: A patient's story
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