Cxbladder is Supreme Winner at NZ Innovators Awards

NZX ANNOUNCEMENT: Released 18 October 2013

Pacific Edge is the 2013 Supreme Winner of the NZ Innovators Award for Cxbladder, its novel gene test for the detection and management of bladder cancer.

The citation for the Supreme Award presented in Auckland last night (17 October 2013) says: “Patient compliance is significantly enhanced with the easy-to-use, in home or in clinic urine sample system. This detection system minimises the need to go to a laboratory collection centre or wait to see the specialist at a time when the cancer can be progressing”.

Pacific Edge Chief Executive Officer David Darling says Cxbladder is a quick, cost effective, noninvasive and highly accurate cancer detection test that has significant advantages over alternative systems.

“Our focus is on developing systems for the early detection of cancers; early detection and treatment saves lives. The Supreme Award for Cxbladder is recognition of the commercialisation of the innovation, science and technology that has gone into developing this novel biomedical product and the work of the entire team of scientists, technologists and clinicians who have been involved in its development, here and overseas.”

“Pacific Edge is delighted that Cxbladder has now been launched in the US and is also available to potential bladder cancer patients in New Zealand and Australia and soon in Spain, the country with the worlds highest incidence of bladder cancer.”

The Supreme Award was sponsored and presented by Bayer New Zealand for the best overall entry in all categories at the awards. Pacific Edge were also the 2013 category winners for Innovation in Health and Science, an award sponsored by Ko Awatea CMDHB.

The awards ceremony was held at the Auckland Museum this evening and highlighted the innovative work of a number of New Zealand companies and individuals.

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