Tan Tock Seng Hospital User Program for Cxbladder
09th June 2015

NZX-Listed Pacific Edge Limited has taken an important step into accessing the significant South East Asian medical market with the signing, by Pacific Edge, of a User Program agreement with one of Singapore’s largest hospitals. Read More

Research Shows Pacific Edge’s Cxbladder Detect Outperforms Other Non-Invasive Bladder Cancer Diagnostics
25th May 2015

Newly published research demonstrates that Cxbladder out performs other non-invasive bladder cancer diagnostics, announced Pacific Edge, Ltd. The new research comparing and ranking four widely used tests was published online this week in the peer-reviewed Open Access medical journal BioMed Central (“BMC”) Medical Research Methodology. Read More

Pacific Edge is successful in obtaining ISO accreditation
07th May 2015

NZX-Listed Pacific Edge Limited today advises its Dunedin-based laboratory has been awarded ISO accreditation status, further opening up international selling opportunities. Read More

Cxbladder Detect favourable comparison with a leading bladder cancer detection product, UroVysion FISH, to be published
07th May 2015

Dunedin-based Pacific Edge announces a breakthrough by demonstrating its pre-eminent status as a bladder cancer diagnostic in a science paper accepted for publication by medical journal BioMed Central (“BMC”) Medical Research Methodology. Read More

Cxbladder Triage paper published in international medical journal
10th April 2015

Dunedin-based Pacific Edge said today that its research paper on Cxbladder Triage had now been published in the internationally leading medical journal BioMed Central (“BMC”) Urology. Read More

Cxbladder Triage To Be Showcased In Prestigious Medical Journal
18th March 2015

Dunedin-based Pacific Edge will gain a global audience for one of its newest products after the internationally acclaimed medical journal BioMed Central (“BMC”) Urology accepted for publication the science paper describing the clinical performance of its recently launched bladder cancer test Cxbladder Triage. Read More