Cxbladder Triage To Be Showcased In Prestigious Medical Journal

Dunedin-based Pacific Edge will gain a global audience for one of its newest products after the internationally acclaimed medical journal BioMed Central (“BMC”) Urology accepted for publication the science paper describing the clinical performance of its recently launched bladder cancer test Cxbladder Triage. 

BMC is a Science, Technology and Medicine publisher of 276 peer-reviewed open access journals. The journal views open access to research as essential in order to ensure the rapid and efficient communication of research findings.

Publication is expected later this month after acceptance was granted for the publication of the performance and science behind Cxbladder Triage. Pacific Edge Chief Executive Officer David Darling says: “Publication in BMC is  an effective and efficient way of reaching the clinicians who make treatment decisions for patients and for the executives of the payer organisations and healthcare providers who fund such medical devices. It is a key element in our strategy of making the product available in the USA this year.”

 Cxbladder Triage, the second product in its suite of proprietary molecular tests for the detection and management of bladder cancer, was launched at the end of last year in New Zealand. It takes us a step closer to our vision of the suite of Cxbladder products becoming a ‘one-stop-shop’ for bladder cancer detection and management for the clinicians and physicians,” says David Darling.

 Cxbladder Triage complements the first molecular diagnostic test Cxbladder Detect and will enable clinicians and physicians to accurately segregate patients who present with blood in their urine (haematuria), who have a low probability of having bladder cancer. Potentially this will save many patients from undergoing an expensive and invasive investigation for bladder cancer and enable clinicains to make effective choices about the deployment of their skills and capabilities on the patients who need it most.

 The Commercial Director for Pacific Edge Diagnostics NZ, Brent Pownall says:“Cxbladder Triage is a new weapon against cancer in the armoury of both clinicians and physicians and complements naturally Cxbladder Detect, the company’s detection technology.  Cxbladder Triage enables clinicians and physicians to evaluate patients presenting with haematuria, to quickly and accurately remove those  who have a low probability of having a urothelial carcinoma, thereby lowering the number that are likely to need a full urological work-up.”

 “Cxbladder Triage is a non-invasive laboratory test used primarily to rule out the presence of bladder cancer quickly, easily and painlessly, giving greater peace of mind to both patients and clinicians. In New Zealand, Cxbladder Triage is targeted to empower all physicians evaluating patients with haematuria in the primary care setting,” says Brent Pownall. 

Last Updated: 27 Oct 2016 03:11 pm