Pacific Edge Provides Update on Kaiser EMR Integration

Cancer diagnostics company Pacific Edge (NZX, ASX: PEB) today announces it has completed the software development and integration testing on its project to integrate Cxbladder into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system of Kaiser Permanente.

We are now completing the administrative and review processes to enable the project to go live.

Pacific Edge will continue to provide regular updates on our progress on a quarterly basis in our shareholder updates until the project is completed, and any material announcements in accordance with our NZX continuous disclosure obligations.

Pacific Edge Chief Executive Dr Peter Meintjes said: “We are excited to have achieved the important technical milestones in the project, which has spanned many teams and many person-hours across the Kaiser system, our team in the US, and our team in New Zealand.

“We have significantly de-risked the project and importantly, the Kaiser urologists, innovation group, EMR implementation team and Pacific Edge team continue to share a common goal and a common commitment to completion as soon as feasible.”

According to Dr Ronald Loo, MD, a urologist with Kaiser Permanente Southern California Permanente Medical Group, the Cxbladder tests have improved access to urology care as Kaiser has emerged from the pandemic with unprecedented demand for services.

“The very high negative predictive value of the Cxbladder tests have allowed us to improve access by safely reducing overwhelming demand for screening and surveillance cystoscopy. It’s proven to be a quadruple win: convenient and preferred by our members, high quality - reliable results, cost effective for the organization, and a sustainable way to improve the wellbeing of our healthcare teams," Dr Loo said.

Kaiser Permanente is the largest integrated healthcare provider in the US, serving 12.6 million members, which equates to approximately 3.7% of the population in the USA. It operates 39 hospitals, more than 700 medical offices, and employs 23,656 physicians and 65,000 nurses.

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023 09:52 am