Private Insurance Coverage Confirmed for Cxbladder

Cxbladder Now Covered by nib Health Insurance

Cancer diagnostics company, Pacific Edge (NZX:PEB) has advised that its Cxbladder diagnostics tests have been approved for reimbursement by a second major health insurance provider, nib Health Insurance in New Zealand.

Cxbladder is now covered for specialist referral under nib's health policies which include benefits for specialist consultations and diagnostic investigations. This includes patients undergoing investigation for haematuria (blood in the urine) as well as for bladder cancer patients undergoing post-treatment surveillance.  nib is initially covering Cxbladder for a six month period, with claims to be reviewed by a Clinical Adviser.

Brent Pownall, Commercial Director for Pacific Edge Diagnostics noted that nib is the second insurance provider to confirm coverage of Cxbladder where requested by a specialist. "Both Cxbladder Triage and Cxbladder Monitor offer an alternative to cystoscopy where the urologist determines the invasive procedure may not be necessary.

"Through the urologist, nib's customers can now get access to what we consider to be the most effective and non-invasive bladder cancer detection and management technology available."

David Darling, CEO of Pacific Edge, said: "We are seeing a groundswell in terms of uptake in the New Zealand market by both private and public healthcare providers. The increase in coverage by insurance providers complements the recognition Cxbladder is receiving in the public healthcare sector, as seen with the recent commercial agreement with Canterbury District Health Board.

"Our goal is to provide all New Zealanders with access to Cxbladder, whether it be through the private or public health system. We are looking to bring on other private insurance providers and expand the access already available through some District Health Boards."

Last Updated: 14 Oct 2016 01:39 pm