Early detection increases the odds of successful treatment for bladder cancer. Unfortunately, many clinicians struggle to detect bladder cancer in its earliest stages using conventional diagnostic tests such as cystoscopy alone.

For patients with microhematuria or other symptoms of bladder cancer, the molecular diagnostic test Cxbladder can provide objective results to guide your treatment decisions and give patients peace of mind.

How Does a Cxbladder Test Work?

Research from Pacific Edge1 shows that messenger RNA (mRNA) levels of specific biomarkers are present at higher levels of concentration in patient urine samples that are positive for bladder cancer than in patients who are negative for the disease.

Cxbladder tests harness this research by measuring the gene expression of the biomarkers present in a sample of the patient's urine. The calculated relationship between the quantified gene expressions allows us to predict a person's likelihood of having bladder cancer.

What Biomarkers Does Cxbladder Detect?

Cxbladder tests for five mRNA signatures in a patient's urine. These genes are directly related to the functioning of bladder cancer cells:

MDK: Blood vessel growth and cell migration
Principally involved in cell proliferation, migration and angiogenesis in cancer cells.

HOXA13: Cell differentiation
Principally involved in cell differentiation and the morphogenesis and differentiation of the genitourinary tracts.

CDC2 (CDK1): Cell division
Cyclin dependent kinase. Essential to mitotic cell cycle: cell proliferation.

IGFBP5: Programmed cell death
Acts as an anti-apoptotic gene.

CXCR2: Inflammation
Mediates neutrophil migration to sites of inflammation. Moderates non-malignant inflammation(False Positives).

How Does Testing Work?

A small sample (5 ml) of mid-stream urine is required for the test. Once collected using our provided system and sent to our laboratory, the sample undergoes a precise set of processes to extract and purify the mRNA present.

The purified RNA is then quantified by a technique called Reverse Transcription quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-qPCR). RT-qPCR first involves the conversion of RNA to DNA and then the amplification of that DNA by millions of fold, regulated by a repetitive cycle of temperature adjustment. The resulting millions of copies of DNA are detected by a probe with fluorescence directly proportional to the number of copies of DNA present.

In the Cxbladder test, each of the five biomarkers of interest is quantified by a different probe, and the relationship between the individual biomarkers is determined with a mathematical equation. The calculated outcome provides a measure of the probability of the presence of urothelial carcinoma (UC).

cxbladder how cxbladder works

What Makes Cxbladder So Accurate?

Unlike other bladder cancer screening tests, Cxbladder checks for signs of cancer at the molecular level. This allows us to pick up on bladder cancer even when a tumor is not easily visible in the bladder. Cxbladder calculates probability objectively, without relying on people to count cells manually, so the results of this urine mRNA gene expression test are reliable.

Tests in the Cxbladder suite have high Negative Predictive Value (NPV) and high sensitivity. In clinical studies, Cxbladder Detect and Monitor both outperformed comparable urine-based tests.

Why Choose Cxbladder for Your Patients?

For patients worried about bladder cancer, accuracy and early detection make a world of difference. In combination with other diagnostic procedures, Cxbladder can help you make confident, evidence-based treatment decisions for your patients. As a painless, non-invasive test, Cxbladder can also significantly improve the quality of life for patients undergoing surveillance for bladder cancer recurrence.

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Last Updated: 23 Nov 2023 12:14 pm

How does Cxbladder work?

Because what happens at the molecular level is so crucial to the development of cancer, Cxbladder detects bladder cancer at that molecular level by measuring specific messenger RNA, representing a bladder cancer molecular signature.

How does Cxbladder work?
How does Cxbladder work?